Journalism with Consequences

In light of the murder of the Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Saudi Arabia’s Turkey consulate, questions regarding the journalist’s death and its impacts on US-Saudi relations have captured the headlines of nearly every major news source. What has grabbed my attention the most, however, has been a question that I find profoundly relevant … Continue reading Journalism with Consequences

Thacher Masquers Take the Laramie Project

Thacher’s 2018 fall play, The Laramie Project, was the devastating retelling of Matthew Shepard’s killing in 1998 in Laramie, Wyoming. Written by Moisés Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theatre Project, the play is comprised of interviews with residents of Laramie that focus on their views regarding the attack on Matthew Shepard, a gay student … Continue reading Thacher Masquers Take the Laramie Project

Humans of Thacher: Fatoumata Soumare

Self-determined, confident, and loud, Fatoumata Soumare ‘20 is one of those toads that everyone knows.   But how did she become the motivated, sure person she is today? Who was she before she came to Thacher, and how has she grown since arriving at the Ojai Valley from Brooklyn, NY?   For Fatoumata Soumare ‘20, … Continue reading Humans of Thacher: Fatoumata Soumare

A Gender Neutral Dress Code

By Malena Solin '20   Upon receiving Thacher’s 2018-2019 Student/Parent Handbook, many community members were surprised to see significant differences in the “Appearance and Dress” section. The handbook notes that the School will not “reinforce or increase marginalization or oppression” of either gender identity or gender expression, revising the dress code to be gender neutral … Continue reading A Gender Neutral Dress Code

Pollos Locos

The well-anticipated arrival for the chickens is back!   With a fresh new squad of the Pollos Locos, the chickens this year are here to storm the playing field. With hot team lineup of 24 small chickens, these birds assure terror alongside prosperity with their rule, pledging for a new era of no fowl play. … Continue reading Pollos Locos

Thacher Faculty Pet Spotlights

Name: Cheerio Age: Appx 10 Breed: Lovable unknown breed Favorite toy/activity: Chasing string/rope How did you get your pet: He wandered onto campus and found us. Funny story: I don't have a funny story but I can share one of Cheerio's quirky traits 🙂 He has many quirky traits, but one is that he follows … Continue reading Thacher Faculty Pet Spotlights

Pidduck Special: An Interview with our New Head’s Family

Armed with questions and anxious to interview the new Head’s family for the first time, I ventured over to Mr. and Mrs. Pidduck’s residence as the sun set after formal and the “pink moment” descended. Immediately upon entering the house and settling down in the living room with the Pidducks, I felt at ease. The … Continue reading Pidduck Special: An Interview with our New Head’s Family

My School “Stool”

By Malena Solin '20 In her candidate statement for the school chair position last spring, Piper Stacey emphasized goals for promoting friendships between grades in Thacher’s student body: “I wanted to be able to give people a way to have connections between grades because I felt like I didn’t have that as an underclassman.” She … Continue reading My School “Stool”