Life in the Courts with the Sophomore Girls

This year, the beloved Casa has been under construction, forcing the sophomore girls to live in the Courts, where a few faculty members have previously lived.

For most of these girls, the initial reaction was excitement and enthusiasm. They will miss this home dearly next year as they have grown to love it immensely.

The Courts is adored, first and foremost, for its prime location on campus. Even the sophomore boys envy the Courts proximity to the fitness center, gym, dining hall, tennis courts, barn, and that is downhill of the classrooms.

 Unlike previous years, the sophomore girls do not live directly next to the sophomore boys, but this hasn’t presented any problems, considering there is space outside of each dorm and in between for hanging out.

However, there is plenty of activity within the Courts. During the warm weather, groups of girls can be spotted eating or talking outside by the picnic tables or between the trailers. Unlike the other dorms, the Courts is composed of multiple common spaces, one of them being the main common room. The girls comment on how it is more “like living in little individual houses” than a dorm, offering independence to its inhabitants.

“You can always smell something baking in the oven,” says Sarah Cunningham ’15.

Each trailer has its own kitchenette, washing machines and dryers, and bathrooms. Another great treat is that each trailer has a bathtub: a luxury that allows them to relax.

“The best part is that every Thursday night, after a long night of working, we get quesadillas – homemade by Mr. Jacobsen,” says Meagan Rodriguez ’15.

Additionally, Ms. Merlini, the Courts’s dorm head, organizes post check-in pizza parties, ice-cream scavenger hunts, and cold treats before afternoon sports.

Ms. Merlini says, “Not only are they smart and dedicated to their academics, but they are also fun, love to laugh (can handle an April Fool’s joke) and have created a wonderful community in the Courts.”

The Courts offers plenty of chances to relax and balance work with play. No matter next year’s changes, the Courts will be remembered for the fun activities and its ability to bond the sophomore girls like never before.

Jillian Elkin ’14

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