Condor League’s Last Flight

Following the 2014 Spring Sports Season, Thacher athletics will leave the Condor League for bigger and better things.

Although Thacher sports teams will succeed in any forum, their departure from the Condor League is bittersweet. Their move to the Tri-County Athletic Association, where they will join the Frontier League, is extremely beneficial. The league competes at a much higher level than most of the members of the Condor League (both Nordhoff and Carpinteria are members), and the icing on the cake is that Thacher’s longtime rival Cate will make the switch as well.

Although the higher level of competition will only work to make Thacher athletics perform at their peak potential, Head Coaches of different sports stressed that one thing from the Condor League will be deeply missed: great sportsmanship.

Pete Fagan, Head of Athletics and Coach of Varsity Girls Tennis, believes:

These days, you’d be hard pressed to go to an opposing gym and not get heckled or jeered on during play. That just isn’t the case with the Condor League.

When Jason Carney, Head Coach of Varsity Boys Basketball, was asked which school demonstrated the best sportsmanship he said, “I don’t know if any one school necessarily stands out. That’s not to say that the other schools don’t have it, I just think they’re all at a high level.”

No matter how great the sportsmanship was however, the opportunity at hand was one that Thacher could not turn down. Arriving in a new league where most schools know nothing about us, Thacher will find itself with a lot to prove. Previously the Condor League’s Goliath, the Toads now must build a new reputation for themselves as contenders not just in the classroom, but on the field as well.

But that’s a year away, and right now we have Condor League games to win.


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