Mister ManWho?

His twitter bio reads, “Robot Mime. Surgeon. Caveman. Peruvian Emperor. Green Grapes. American Ex-Pat. Canadian Immigrant. Self-Verified.”

His license plate reads, “IMDB Me.”

He spent one year at school with the moniker “Man Lux” after the Ojai newspaper misnamed him in a photo caption of a Thacher soccer game.

Who is he?

J.P. Manoux.

Mr. Manoux, CdeP 1987 is back on campus while on break from a whirlwind career in film and television. Manoux is best known for his roles in the Emperor’s New School, Phil of the Future – in which he acted and directed – and Community. He credits his first acting experience and capabilities to “silly assembly announcements that led to a career in comedy.”

His path to the silver screen was not easy. After studying theater at Northwestern and learning from the best improv and sketch comedians in downtown Chicago, Manoux moved to Los Angeles.

“It was four years before I made a penny acting. Slowly small parts on sitcoms led to tiny parts in big movies and then bigger parts in smaller movies.”

JP Manoux rests in one of the Adirondak chairs at the Anacapa Scholars cabin. Photo Credit Lexie Kirkwood '14
JP Manoux rests in one of the Adirondak chairs at the Anacapa Scholars cabin. Photo Credit Lexie Kirkwood ’14

His first real jobs acting were in commercials for Fruit of the Loom and then he picked up a job with Disney Channel.

After getting his start, Mr. Manoux continued acting and eventually directing in Los Angeles until he later became a permanent resident of Toronto, Canada, where he worked on the show Spun Out. He is currently waiting for the show to air, and in the mean time has decided to escape the Northern weather for a taste of Ojai’s sunshine.

Mr. Manoux will be directing the winter musical, Cole Porter’s Anything Goes, as well as teaching drama classes and working with the soccer teams.

Mr. Cal Jensen CdeP 2006, Thacher’s new technical director, enjoys having Mr. Manoux on campus.

“In the brief time that I have known him, he seems like a cool guy, and an excellent choice to direct the winter musical. It’s a cool experience for him to come back and direct as well as have the students have an interaction with someone who understands their experience on the Thacher stage.”

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