Why is All of Thacher Concussed?

As the first half of the year winds down and students begin to think about what their winter breaks will entail, there’s one question on everyone’s mind: “Why are so many people concussed?” The easy answer is to blame football. And the evidence would support you. Both Robert Welch ‘16 and Jahmari Josiah ‘16 suffered … Continue reading Why is All of Thacher Concussed?

Nelson Mandela

One of history’s most radical and influential leaders, Nelson Mandela, died on December 5th, 2013, leaving behind a legacy of fighting against forces of oppression and deprivation. On July 18th, 1918 Nelson Mandela was born to Chief Nkosi Mphakanyiswa Gadla and Nonqaphi Nosekeni in Mvezo, Transkei. Born into a royal family of the Xhosa-speaking Thembu … Continue reading Nelson Mandela

Gay Marriage. Seriously Still an Issue?

Recently we have all heard about the gay marriage debates happening in state senates across the country. It is everywhere in the news, especially in 2013, when neighboring states are beginning to legalize the right to marry for same-sex couples. If you do not consider this report relevant to you, then I will be more … Continue reading Gay Marriage. Seriously Still an Issue?

Traditions, Traditions, and More Traditions

The lights are going up, the trees are being decorated, and the menorahs have been lit.  Ready or not, the holidays are upon us.  Along with a season of presents, lights, carols, and red hats, the holiday season also brings with it countless memories and traditions, many of which we can explore and learn about … Continue reading Traditions, Traditions, and More Traditions

Prisoners Review

Prisoners: a Straightforward Thriller Elevated by Incredible Cinematography and Great Performances Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano carry and elevate a film that would be otherwise middling. It’s a clichéd concept executed remarkably well. The dreariness and reality of the situation and the central themes in correlation make the simple premise something more. The … Continue reading Prisoners Review

Arts Weekend Surprises Many

The 2013 Arts Weekend: The Power of Story, ran from Thursday November 14  to Sunday November 17. It all began with Malika Ndlovu’s performance of Turning and Re-Turning at the outdoor theatre. Lexie Kirkwood ‘14 said the performance was, “an awesome piece that synthesized demonstrations of cultural practice and her own poetry.” Other students also … Continue reading Arts Weekend Surprises Many