Nevin Bernet: Thacher’s Own Up-and-Coming Youth Filmmaker

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On December 14, Nevin Bernet ’16 won the Ojai Youth Film Society grand prize for his film Getting There.

The film, shot over Thanksgiving break, is about a son with an abusive relationship with his father. This was an interesting thematic choice considering the father-son duo of filmmakers.

In a recent interview, Bernet revealed the inspiration for the project.

My father and I came up with the idea together, and we didn’t have any inspiration; it just kinda occurred. I think it started as a bad joke, or even a what-if situation.

Morgana Van Peebles, member of the Ojai Youth Film Society Board, explained the voting process:

There are four members on the Ojai Youth Film Society Board, James McEachen, Nicole Haggard, Charlie Bird, and myself (two adults and two students). After we have received all the submissions, we all gather at McEachen’s house to watch them all.

We watch all the films consecutively judging them on story, creativity, cinematography, acting, etc. We all write our notes down and judge them on each section. At the end we discuss our notes and add up our scores for each film together to see which one we thought was best and why. The one with given the most points becomes the Grand Prize winner, and so on.

Bernet received a certificate and $500 for his Grand Prize Award.  The 1st Prize received $400, and 2nd Prize received $300.

The full list of winners can be seen here.

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