“I Really Love Adventure”

A young boy sits watching television at his grandparents house. Suddenly, a commercial appears of majestic burros shaking their heads free from desert dust. "Are you interested in adopting one of these burros?" the voice asks. "Yeah, I'll take a free donkey!" the young boy exclaims. He scrawls down the phone number displayed on the … Continue reading “I Really Love Adventure”

The EAC Struggles in Their Fight for Sustainable Change

The Thacher School prides itself in being both a sustainable, progressive school and an elite, prep school on par with some of the most prestigious East Coast schools. Occasionally, these two sides of Thacher find themselves at odds.  For example, Thacher boasts an appealing and impressive campus, covered year-round in dewy spring grass.  While East … Continue reading The EAC Struggles in Their Fight for Sustainable Change

Gender Equality in Leadership – Part II

In an article last year, I reported on gender and leadership trends occurring across the nation and at Phillips Andover. A quick search of peer school student newspapers reveals ongoing discussions about gender equity, but the question of why women are so lacking in leadership roles takes a more concrete significance in the context of … Continue reading Gender Equality in Leadership – Part II

Elephant’s Graveyard

On January 23, Mr. J.P. Manoux’s Advanced Acting class debuted their theatrical talents with the haunting tale of a traveling circus entitled Elephant's Graveyard. The cast began to work on the play just after returning to school from Thanksgiving break. The play, originally written in 2008 by George Brant, focuses on the story of a … Continue reading Elephant’s Graveyard

Thacher Community Service Day

Wednesday, January 22, was the second annual Community Service Day at Thacher.  Continuing the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Dr. King's years of service, Thacher students embarked on a variety of community service projects within our small Thacher community, the Ojai Valley, and the Ventura County at large. The fact that this … Continue reading Thacher Community Service Day