When I Was Seventeen: Dr. DelVecchio

WIW17_DelVecchioWhen I Was 17 features Thacher faculty members of today and looks back at their own high school years. This interview series features photos and commentary to give you a glimpse into their past.

Set the scene

Students were alternately hippies or way into preppy, because preppy was new. I wore a lot of Esprit or Gap clothing because my roommate had a huge wardrobe and we were the same size. I also had some hippie Indian shirts with little bells on them, and I had a pair of jeans that I embroidered so they were covered with my patches, I still have them today. Blondie, the Sex Pistols, and the Buzz Cocks were really popular.

Sports and Extracurricular Activities

I ran cross country, I played ice hockey in the winter and I ran track and field in the spring. There really weren’t too many clubs, but there was a club against nuclear weapons, but I was not a part of it.

Did you imagine yourself as a teacher?

Yes, it was something I always thought I would do. And, I felt like “oh my god I’m going to be a teacher, oh no,” But I was definitely called to the profession.

Thacher students can pull some pretty crazy pranks and shenanigans; what happened in your time at the school and how were you involved?

Though I wasn’t part of this at all and it was very dangerous, some kids brought a cow into the headmaster’s office–that was clever. Another time, a kid stole the master keys and drove around in vehicles until the school finally busted him.  Then the dean took hay bales (our school was on a farm) and wrote “GOTCHA” in hay bales–that was pretty funny.

First kiss or love

I really didn’t date much in High School; boys were just not a huge part of my life at boarding school, I mean, I always had crushes on boys, but I really spent most of my time with my girlfriends.

What advice (be it academic or social) do you have for current students?

I would have studied harder, I didn’t take school very seriously and I was definitely not motivated by grades. And I didn’t apply myself very hard.

Final quote or funny story

I farted on a boy when he was carrying me around on his shoulders, I farted on him. I was really embarrassed, we talked about it, I had to apologize, he didn’t care but I was mortified. It was an audible fart.


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