When I Was Seventeen: Ms. Molly Perry and Mr. Derick Perry

WIW17_PerrysWhen I Was 17 features Thacher faculty members of today and looks back at their own high school years. This interview series features photos and commentary to give you a glimpse into their past.

Ms. Molly Twichell Perry CdeP ’85 and Mr. Derick Scott Perry CdeP ’83

Set the scene:

M. Perry: Mr. Perry wore athletic shorts and t-shirts, while I wore 501 jeans (Levi’s) and we used to get a lot of stuff from the thrift shop. We would buy old man pants and peg them down so they would be super baggy in the butt and tighter in the legs. I wore a lot of thrift shop cardigans and old men’s cardigans. Yeah, it was great. Ojai was pretty much the same thing. The place to go for lunch was a place called the Nest, so you either went there or to Carrows.

Sports and Extracurriculars:

D. Perry: I played basketball and ran track all three years. My sophomore year I played third team soccer, it was great. I did independents my junior and senior year. I wished we were more focused on sports. I loved sports and we didn’t have football.

M. Perry: He didn’t ride, but I really liked it. I was on the orange team. I played softball for 3 years because they used to have softball and volleyball, and soccer for 4. One time, in the spring I did a lifeguarding class. I did that with Lukas Chao’s father.

Did you imagine yourself as a teacher:

D. Perry: I think I tried to model my career on what I thought of the teachers. That doesn’t necessarily mean how they are, but I just thought of it in this way: I thought that these were people who challenged us to be our best and who gave us the space to make mistakes, but were quick to call us on it.

First kiss or love:

M. Perry: We didn’t date, but I did date. I think it’s still one of those age old Thacher deals: when I was here, younger girls dated more because there were more boys. They would date sophomores and juniors and seniors. Then, by the time you were a senior, you didn’t want to date freshmen or sophomores or even juniors, so we were left with the people in our classes. Sometimes that was good and sometimes you were like, “Okay, I’ll wait until college.”

What advice (be it academic or social) do you have for current students:

M. Perry: My class was divided, I wish I had gotten to know my classmates better and I suggest that all students try to learn about each other.

Do you have any regrets?

D. Perry: Yeah, that she didn’t date me!

M. Perry: Wanna know something I don’t regret? Never taking chem. Not taking chemistry has not changed me as a person.

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