Where is Avery’s Fruit Stand?

Fruit stand
Avery’s Fruit Stand has been missing for several months. Artist interpretation of the missing stand. Photo and Art Credit: Colly Smith ’16

For months, Thacher students have wondered about the disappearance of their beloved fruit stand from the pergola.

Avery’s Fruit Stand disappeared last spring, but is planned to reappear next month after repairs.

The famous fruit stand, filled with the dining hall’s freshest produce, has stood at the center of the pergola since it was brought to campus by former school chair Avery Hellman CdeP 2011. She was inspired by the fruit stand at her middle school and wanted to bring more easily accessible healthy snacks to Thacher students.

According to Mr. Maxwell, director of the dining hall, the stand broke late last spring, although the circumstances surrounding its damage are in dispute.

Some students believe that last year’s seniors broke it during wandering.

Since then, it has been in storage on campus awaiting repair.

Mr. Maxwell said he spoke with Ms. McMahon about the possibility of buying a replacement, but the decision was postponed until Mr. Bueti could give insight on whether the stand could be repaired.

The fruit stand has been in the woodshop for the past month and Mr. Bueti said he plans to use the stand as “an example of poor carpentry” for the students in his woodworking class.

Currently, the stand is disassembled and awaiting upgrades by the students.

According to Audrey Cussen ‘17, “We are replacing the posts on the side and parts of the buckets, and it will probably be finished soon.”

The hope is that Avery’s Fruit Stand will be reassembled and back in working order before Thanksgiving break.

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