The Price List

The Price List
The Price List

A few weekends ago students piled into school buses headed for Santa Barbara. The Chipotle and new clothes were expected expenses, but were students aware that they were paying for something else?

Not all Thacher students are aware of the costs associated with the different events and items offered. The school could do a better job of promoting this information to students and making it more prominent in our daily lives. Some of this information is currently buried in the student-parent handbook.

To illuminate some of these costs, the following is a list of different expenses for events and items at Thacher that students might not know about.

Indoor Events

Indoor charges home for the cost of off-campus events and transportation. The total amount that parents are billed is a combination calculated by considering the number of buses needed, the number of students going, and the price of admission to the final location.

  1. Ice Skating- for the past few years, free of charge
  2. Bus to Santa Barbara Night- $10

Rides to Medical Appointments

The total cost varies depending how long you’re there for because the driver is paid by the hour.

    1. Ojai- $35
    2. Ventura/ Oxnard- $75
    3. Santa Barbara- $120

Departing and Returning Rides to the Airport

  1. Ride to LAX- can range from $25-$100 The cost for riding the actual LAX bus is less than the price of an individual ride to LAX in a Thacher vehicle.

Snack Bars

  1. Junior Snack Bar- everything is $1
  2. Club Snack Bars- there is a minimum charge of $5
    • For example, 2 slices of pizza at a junior snack bar is $2, but at a club snack bar 2 slices cost $5. The reason why club snack bars are more expensive is because their purpose is to donate the profit for a cause.
  3. At every snack bar an effort is made to have a free item available for the students.

Class Trips

  1. Rides to class trips- free
  2. Cost of ticket/actual event- charged home

    Ms. Cindy Baird, mother of Samantha Baird '16, reacts to her daughter's student account bill.
    Ms. Cindy Baird, mother of Samantha Baird ’16, reacts to her daughter’s student account bill.

Sports Gear

  1. Cost of a lost uniform – ranges from $55-$60 depending of the number of articles and the sport.
  2. Team gear – The cost of any additional item that is not considered a part of the school-issued uniform and won’t be returned to the school at the end of the season will be charged home, except in special situations.
  3. Water Bottles- There is no charge for a lost Gatorade bottle, but these bottles are the property of the school and should not be taken by students.

Club or Dorm Clothing

  1. Varies depending on the type of clothing and the number of items being ordered
    • The most recent order of Mindbender tanks were $16.07 per tank, when 97 people ordered.

Lost Library Books

  1. Students are charged the cost of the book plus $15. The additional charge covers the cost of ordering, processing, and labeling the new book.

Students have the tendency to take the charging system for granted by neglecting to inquire how much something costs. This lack of awareness, combined with students’ ability to casually ‘charge home’ to their parents, can lead to the development of poor spending habits. Instead of students thoughtlessly relying on their parents to pay their school bills, it is important for students to understand how their daily decisions impact their parents’ bank accounts. Reformed communication between the school and students would also help resolve this issue, but this list should help students become more fiscally responsible.

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