Early Holiday Gift of Coffee

This week, the Thacher School dining hall will be undergoing an exciting, highly anticipated transition­—a coffee upgrade.

Before Thanksgiving break, a select group of Thacher’s most trusted coffee connoisseurs met in the Thacher Room for a (somewhat) confidential coffee tasting. Orchestrated by the dynamic duo of Culinary Mastermind Richard Maxwell and School Chair Owen Driscoll, the event consisted of a blind tasting from five different coffee pots. The mixture of faculty and students was asked to taste each brew, record their thoughts, and rank the contenders in order of preference.

Mr. Maxwell, being the jolly trickster that we all know him to be, included the current dining hall coffee in the running. However, it seems that our group of tasters was keen enough to spot his deceit­—or, our old coffee was distinctly horrid.

From the five choices, the group almost unanimously selected a free-trade, organic French Roast. The new, bold, rich and delicious coffee will not only improve the attitudes of our campus residents, but also our campus’ sustainability efforts.

The switch is scheduled to take place sometime tomorrow, or as soon as the dining hall’s stock of the old coffee is depleted.

Lovers of the old coffee, drink up while you can­—and speed the process up for the rest of us.