Winter Formal

By Mohammad Bakhiet ’15

December is usually known as holiday season: lights go up and jolly winter songs play in overpriced coffee shops. In our corner of the valley, December signals Winter Formal season. The young men of Thacher are given the responsibility of executing creative and often public ways to ask their dates to the dance.

Last Wednesday, Indoor Heads Ben Connor, Pedro Ureña and Alex Levers commenced one of Thacher’s most entertaining traditions. Each senior rode into assembly with his horse, golf cart, and tricycle, respectively, getting on one knee for their blindfolded dates as Wally Baram gave the color commentary. Their antics were met with the elated cheers of students as they realized what was happening.

Last year’s Winter Formal included a pleasant surprise in the form of gender role reversal. Called upon to do the asking, the girls didn’t disappoint. Between flash mobs, cakes, bright banners and confetti, the ladies set the bar high.

This year, Winter Formal will be held in the library amphitheater and couples will be asked to make an ornament to hang on the tree together while they wait in line to have their picture taken.

Although the many spectacles to come remain a mystery, one thing is for certain: Wednesday will be a night to remember. Even the legendary DJ Spinda is rumoured to be making an appearance.

The only thing this festive night may need a bit more of is Bacon!

image (2)

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