Embrace the Holiday Spirit

The results from the first 100 responses to the Thacher Holiday Survey are in!

First of all, apologies for not being clear that the holiday survey was for the Thacher Notes holiday traditions article that you are currently reading.

The results, unfortunately, are skewed due to Survey Monkey’s inability to notify the user of the fee that comes with surveys that receive more than 100 respondents prior to creating and sending the survey. In the spirit of giving, I suppose.

Without further ado, here’s what Thacher students and faculty hold dear during this time of year.

Nearly 60% of Thacher’s fastest responders believe that this is the most wonderful time of the year. The other 40% are scrooges. Or they said, “eh” (which means meh).

Embracing the Thacher environmental love, 70% bought a young tree chopped before its prime and put it up in their living room. Maybe while decorating that mountain scented tree some of you are blasting Christmas music because 60% of the Thacher community loves holiday/Christmas music. Or maybe not, as 12% do not even put up a tree.

Either because of laziness or convenience, half of the respondents don’t believe it matters who puts the star or angel up on the tree. In similar fashion, only half of those who responded take light decorating very seriously and pull out all the stops. The other half are confident Santa can find their house in the dark. Expecting that late night visit from Santa, 54% of the community put out cookies and milk.

This current harsh and brutal winter has scarred the Thacher community’s feelings toward snow; nearly 80% believe that the holiday spirit can be alive and well without the fluffy white stuff. Obviously missing out on the Hanukkah spirit, 82% of the respondents do not own a menorah and do not play Dreidel.

The Thacher community’s three favorite Christmas songs are 3. White Christmas (written by a Jewish composer in the middle of the summer) 2. any song from the Michael Bublé Christmas album (the best Christmas album of all time), and 1. All I Want for Christmas is You (by Mariah Carey with autotune).

Happy holidays and enjoy your break!

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