Pull Out Your Yucca Cords, It’s Time for EDTs

Yucca cordage made in Cam Spaulding's course on life skills. Photo Credit: Finn Ehringer '17
Yucca cordage made in Cam Spaulding’s course on life skills. Photo Credit: Finn Ehringer ’17

Mr. Cam Spaulding’s announcement of weekend camping opportunities, as well as the up and coming winter camping trips has sparked renewed interest in faculty-advised weekend trips. These adventures are open to everyone, usually don’t go longer than three days, and very rarely return to campus later than six o’clock.

The first of Mr. Spaulding’s trips leaves this weekend for Death Valley in the Mojave Desert. He, along with Dr. Chris Vyhnal, plan to visit some of the famous sights like the racetrack and cinder cone volcanoes. The rest of Mr. Spaulding’s trips are posted in the Commons.

As for the goals of Mr. Spaulding’s weekend camping trips, they’re very much the same as our spring and winter exploits. Mr. Spaulding specifically works on the connection students feel with nature and to getting students to embrace adventure.

Mr. Spaulding hopes students will gain things from the trips.

“I want students to come back with improved wilderness skills, some cool new survival skills and to be comfortable in the wilderness.”

Part of the joy of camping comes from the amazing things that you experience, standing under water fall, riding bareback on the beach, boogie boarding sand dunes, pulled along by horses or, for the faculty, being woken up by a freshman who thought they saw a bear; it was a rock.

Mr. Pidduck, Head of the Outdoor Program, believes that physical experiences are only half of the trip.

“It’s not about the things that happen but the relationships that develop through those experiences.”

Also upcoming is Winter Camping Weekend, an annual tradition start by former school chair Joe Bell CdeP 2012. February 7th through 8th most students will have the opportunity to be off campus on faculty and student guided excursions. Winter camping weekend trips are all 2-3 days and visit places such as the Catalina Islands, The Pines, Joshua Tree National Park and many other locations.

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