Your Right to Free Expression

At the Thacher School students learn four key principles that guide their lives: Honor, Fairness, Kindness and Truth. These four principles form the base of a Thacher student’s growth, but even before that, students begin to define who they are and what they want to be.

The time that students spend in high school are often their explorative years; the time period in which they experiment with new things. It shouldn’t be a big deal if a teenager decides to grow out or dye their hair, grow a beard or get piercings.

At a school that promotes self expression, limiting some of the most basic changes students can make seems a little ridiculous. A student dying his hair or getting more than one piercing doesn’t make a student a hoodlum.

It’s not fair that restrictions are placed on the way students look because they might not seem “normal” to people touring the school. I get that a certain level of professionalism needs to be met, but that should be found in the personality of students.

Students don’t come to Thacher because its shell is appealing; students come to Thacher because the core of the school is something they truly identify with. Should the unconventional appearance of a few students dissuade someone from coming to Thacher, then perhaps our school isn’t the right place for them.

Am I proposing that anything goes? No. I don’t think drastic changes need to be made; I’m not looking for tattoos or mohawks, but just the little things.

If Thacher were to relax the dress code rules, I doubt there would be significant numbers of students drastically changing how they look, but the choice to do so would be something that every student would appreciate.