Club of the Week: Spectrum

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Photo Credit: Lydia Wood-Hull ’17

As one of the many budding clubs at Thacher, Spectrum will be showing more of itself this year. Led by Peter Ammons, Elsabet Jones, and Hayden Howard, Spectrum focuses on the gay-straight alliance as well as the flourishing gay community both inside and outside of the school.

Why did you get involved in Spectrum?

Hayden: “There were very few people in the [LGBTQ] community [here], and I realized that, so as soon as I became a member of the community I wanted to make sure I’m doing everything I could to make Thacher as progressive as it could be.”

Elsabet: “I saw Spectrum as a really important club and support group in many senses, my freshmen and sophomore year, and I always knew I wanted to be involved, growing up in San Francisco [especially], where LGBT stuff is very present.”

Why did you decide to apply for leadership positions last year?

Hayden: “I wanted to make sure I am doing something for other students who are part of the [LGBT] community just so they would feel more at home than I was when I was a junior, freshmen, sophomore, just because I didn’t really have that [support].”

Elsabet: “When I came back from Chewonki junior spring, I just realized that Spectrum was obviously happening, but I just felt like there could be a lot more events and stuff being done and a much stronger presence in the community, and I felt like I could help with that.”

Peter: “I started to think about what I’d like to do as a senior leader and the jobs I wanted to have, and I thought maybe, partially because of conversations I had with my family, that it’d be a pretty good experience to be leading the LGBTQ  community at Thacher. ”

What would you change about Spectrum this year?

Hayden: “I would like to give it more of an official name…not its actual name, but sort of a connotation, because I think it sort of has a bad reputation…well not a bad reputation but a reputation of not being very serious, and I sort of want it to be more [serious].”

Elsabet: “We aim to have more events and more intentional discussions.”

Peter: “[Spectrum] was a bit of a ghost club the previous years…sort of it’s there, you know it’s a thing, but it doesn’t have much of a presence, and I want to change that.”

What planned events do you guys have so far?

Hayden: “This coming month is the AIDS walk, in early October, and I’m definitely planning on going and representing Spectrum at [the walk], and we’d love to have people join us[…]we haven’t planned all of our events, but we want to be super active this year!”

Peter: “We definitely want to have regular meetings, more of my personal goals with the club [is to have] four school events that are visible to the school.”

Is there anything you’d really want us to mention about Spectrum?

Hayden: “I want Spectrum also to be seen as not just for LGBT students, but sort of for all of Thacher as a source of education. Especially now in this year, there are so many things going on with regards to LGBT stuff, and I want to make sure Thacher is educated in a way, as they are talking about it, discussing it, and have an open forum for these kinds of discussions, and I think Spectrum could be something like that this year.”

Elsabet: “We hope to be more active this year, that’s the main thing.”

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