Swimming at 6:00 AM

Photo Credit: Emma Robertson ’16

During the fall trimester Max Damon ‘17 has pursued his interest in swimming with an independent under the watch of Elizabeth Mahoney. His swimming independent has consisted of tri-weekly visits to the 6:00 am swimming session at the Ojai Valley Athletic Club. Max credits this independent to strengthening his swimming skills.

Here is his take on the project:

What made you decide to pursue a swimming independent?

I started swimming when I was one and instantly found that I loved it.  In middle school I was on my school’s swim team, and when I saw an opportunity at Thacher to continue this passion I decided to take it.

How does your swimming independent work?

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I get up at 5:30 a.m. and leave with either Ms. Mahoney or Ms. Perry for the Ojai Athletic club at 5:40 a.m. In the afternoons I either do homework, work out in the gym, or practice with the volleyball team.

How have you enjoyed it?

It’s been a lot of fun because I love swimming. To have the opportunity to swim and still complete my work in a timely manner has been amazing.

How do you think your independent affected your swimming?

It has made be a much better swimmer. I have seen this improvement as the season has progressed through my ability to complete our swim sets with more ease than before. Also, my pace times have gotten a lot better across the board. My most profound advancement has been in backstroke, where I have gotten very fast.

Anything you would like to add?

I am so thankful to have been approved for an independent that allows me to pursue a sport I am extremely passionate about and that makes me very happy. Also, swimming with Ms. Mahoney is very intimidating because she is so fast, but she encourages me to go faster.

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