J.V. Ballers Season Wrap-Up


Ava Penner ’17 looks excited about the 7th dunk of the quarter (Photo Credit: Dana Vancisin)

Written By Annie Langan ’18

Thacher’s junior varsity basketball squad capped off another impressive season this winter. The girls had high hopes going into the season, hoping to defend their CIF championship from last season.

The team played exceptionally well, losing only 2 games in regular season play to the tough opponent Villanova. They dominated their other games, crushing Fillmore and Foothill Tech by a combined 80 points in 2 games.

The team says they owe their success to their loyal fans. “It’s just a glorious feeling you know, warming up with heavy rap blasting on the gym speakers and the whole gym packed and cheering you on, you knew you already won when the other team was intimidated before the game had even begun,” says a returning junior.  Headmaster Mulligan cancelled an unprecedented 4 formal dinners so the school could support the team, which he says is an integral part of our Thacher community.  


Kelly Oh ’18 slyly stealing the basketball from an opponent

The team’s success in the regular season earned them a top seed in playoffs. They then took an extended ferry ride to Hawaíi in regional finals winning the game 103-101 in an exciting competition. The team ultimately lost to Pahranagat Valley, a basketball powerhouse located in Nevada.

In response to their success and hard work, the players’ individual work was rewarded in post season honors.  The whole starting squad was named 1st Team Frontier League. One player, who modestly requested to remain anonymous to stay humble, was even named All-American.  

In response to questioning as to why the J.V. squad experienced more success than varsity, the official spokesperson of the team said in a press conference, “Everyone knows if you’re a real player then you play J.V. Those are the serious players. Varsity is just a place for those who aren’t as committed to the game, the girls who don’t go to practice on Saturdays.”

We here at the Thacher school wish the team well in the upcoming season. We know everyone wants to support the team. Hopefully you will be able to find a seat in the sold-out gym so you don’t miss a single second of exciting play. 

***Disclaimer: Happy April Fool’s! We love our JV Ballers, even if they did not go to Hawaii for regional finals.

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