Ethical Issues Students Research on California Propositions

This last Sunday, Honors Contemporary Ethical Issues students headed down to the Farmers’ Market with handpainted signs and a huge stack of packets summarizing propositions to educate the Ojai public on the California Propositions. They spent the last three weeks researching and debating the propositions, and the Farmers’ Market trip was a culmination of the activism component built into Jason Carney’s class. The pdfs below summarize the research on each of the propositions. They have a quick rundown, explain the impact, and show what a “yes” vote and what a “no” vote supports.

Proposition 51: Bonds for Education and Schools

Proposition 53: Voter Approval Requirement for Bonds

Proposition 54: Public Display of Legislative Bills

Proposition 55: Personal Income Tax on CA’s 1%

Proposition 56: Tobacco Use Prevention and Tax

Proposition 57: Parole for Nonviolent Criminals

Proposition 58: Bilingual Education in Public Schools

Proposition 59: State’s Position on Citizen United

Proposition 60: Condoms in Pornography

Proposition 61: State Prescription Drug Purchases

Proposition 62: Repeal of the Death Penalty

Proposition 63: Background Checks for Ammunition Purchases

Proposition 64: Legalization of Marijuana

Proposition 65: Revenue to Wildlife Conservation Fund

Proposition 66: Death Penalty Procedures

Proposition 67: Plastic Bag Ban Veto Referendum

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