Thacher’s Best Kept Secret: Condoms on Campus

“They will never make condoms available.” “The school isn’t allowed to distribute condoms.” “That would contradict Thacher’s Intimacy Policy.” “Thacher should provide the necessary protection on campus to protect us from STD’s.” “There needs to be a way for Thacher students to shamelessly pick up condoms on campus.” “What kind of message do we send … Continue reading Thacher’s Best Kept Secret: Condoms on Campus

A Complex Geopolitical Quagmire

Over the past four years, it has been an ‘unspoken law’ that each grade inhabits their own, specific spaces on campus. While freshmen riot on the knoll or in the commons, sophomores generally lock themselves in their dorm rooms. Meanwhile, juniors and seniors spend their entire year living within the heart of the Thacher campus: … Continue reading A Complex Geopolitical Quagmire