“Will you go to winter formal with me?”


Winter Formal is a fun and exciting Thacher tradition characterized by student attempts at witty, public, and most of all, entertaining asks. Here’s a quick wrap-up of some of Winter formal: 2016’s quirkiest inquiries as based on student opinion.

Sam Richardson’s ‘17 ask was a popular favorite. He took his freshman prefectees up to The Hill, during a dorm meeting. They entered the common room one by one, each with a rose in hand and vocalizing one of the words of “Will you go to winter formal with me?” Sam followed up to await his date’s reply.

Anthony Nikitopoulos ‘17 was also merrymaking in asking Natasha Brown ’17. To paraphrase a recent survey: “He tried to get Sophomore boys to sing “All I Want for Christmas is You,” but with no practice and no one actually knew the song. So the end result is we walk into the library, sing the first line, and then just break into a broken, incoherent chorus. At least the message got through…”

Rico Lopez ’18 also had quite a creative ask, as he staged and competed in a “fake race” with fellow cross country teammates on the Pergola. After he crossed the finish line and won, there was his date, whom he proposed to shortly afterward. Thomas Hudson ’18 wrote his date’s monogram on his chest and went on to rip his shirt open and ask his date.

Isabelle Hosafros ’19 and Defne Egbo ’19 were the cream-of-the-crop of their class with formal asks. Isabelle went into an Ojai Food Taxi to co-deliver her date’s order and the big question. Defne sang a parody of Drake’s “Hotline Bling” and presented a Drake-themed poster to ask her appreciative date, Yao Yin

One popular ask of the freshman class was that of Isabella Damon ’20 . In a recent survey, someone explained her ask stating: “she did a scavenger hunt with flowers at each spot. Then her date walked to the Knoll from the barns. There were ten people on either side of her forming a hallway and we shone our flashlights on her. Someone played French music.” The recipient of this ask was surely impressed with Isabella’s creativity. A final favorite was Fatoumata Soumare ’20. She rapped a verse at the Holiday Coffee House to capture the heart of her date.


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