Dorm Room Personality Quiz

By Daisy Lawrence ’20

Dorm Room Personality Quiz

Before formal room inspection, you are most likely seen:

a) Doing whatever your heart desires because your room is always clean.

b) Straightening up

c) Employing your friends to help you make your room look presentable.

d) Putting away clean laundry.

You clean your sheets:

 a) Every two weeks.

b) Every three or so weeks.

c) Only when your parents come.

d)  Once a week.

You would consider your desk to be:

a)    Empty, ready for a productive study hall.

b) A surface not exclusively used for studying.

c) Long gone, lost under a pile of stuff.

d)  Organized.

People say your room smells like:

a)    Nothing.

b)  Distinctly you. 

c)  Sweat and horses. 

d) The refreshing mountain air.

Underneath your bed one would find:

a)    Extra storage bins.

b) An array of unfolded/folded clothes and various camping things.

c)    Old homework and dirty laundry.

d)   Organized stacked drawers, some outgrown clothing, and your duffel.

You chose:

Mostly As…

              You are a very neat person who likes to walk into a spotless room every day. Unless your room is clean, you won’t have a productive study hall. Your type of week dictates what your room will look like; if your hamper is overflowing, you probably had a busy week. You are probably that person everyone goes to in the dorm for a vacuum or broom, and you typically are seen watching Netflix or doing some extra studying an hour before formal room inspection. On your wall, there is a bulletin board that features swaggy Thacher-photo-booth pictures of you and your friends. The most aggravating thing in your mind is crumbs your friends track in when they come to hang out. Occasionally you decide not to keep your room perfectly clean but those moods don’t last very long.

Mostly Bs…

              You have one of those rooms that reflects YOU. The posters on the walls are of your favorite sports teams or plays, and there is probably a photo of you part of a team or cast tacked up somewhere. People love hanging out in your room to watch tv on a computer and you usually have some good snacks stashed away in a drawer. Your room isn’t messy… but you are very lucky that no one but you ever opens your drawers. Typically you draw the line at putting your feet on your bed because you change your sheets every 3 or so weeks. Everything in your room just screams you: the duvet, the trinkets on your bedside table, the pictures on the wall. Most would say you have the quintessential boarding school dorm room.

Mostly Cs…

              No one really understands how you pass room inspection every day… Your room looks as though a bomb went off in it, but you always manage to push the paraphernalia under your bed or cram your closet with odds and ends. Your parents took the time to print out some photos for your walls and desk, but you haven’t properly set them up in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. Oh well. At least you get to spend your time doing activities that are, in your mind, more important than cleaning. Your friends don’t mind hanging out in your room, but sometimes there isn’t a clean space for them to sit on. Usually, they plop on your bed, although your sheets are usually only cleaned when your parents visit. Your room is set up in stations: a corner for getting ready, your homework area, and the drop-and-go spot that usually has a lot of empty bar wrappers and old math quizzes lying about — the sort of things you can push under your bed to be dealt with another time.

Mostly Ds…

              In your room, there is a place for everything and everything is in its place. To your friends, your room doesn’t look very clean, but you obviously know where everything is. You would call your room practical and organized, which doesn’t necessarily mean neat. But who has time for that, anyway? Passing room inspection is usually a tossup for you depending on the day, but you always make sure you have clean clothes for the week ahead. Your room is typically the hangout spot for your friends because they can always count on you to have food stockpiled in one drawer. In addition to this, you know exactly where your Tide-To-Go pen is in the case of a spill and you don’t mind letting people sit on your bed. Above your desk, you keep your binders nicely organized and all of your papers are filed nicely away somewhere. Your camping stuff is stored in one area of your room and you know exactly where your camping sporks are in case you need an eating utensil for takeout. Overall, everyone knows to come to your room if they ever need various odds and ends. The vibe people get when they walk in is well put together, but mostly it depends on your individual taste.

Featured here: The dorm rooms of Clare McCormack ’18, Amanda Ibanez ’17, Mikayla Carrier ’17. All are examples of ‘A’ rooms.

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