Jordan Perry ’17: On and Off the Court

Last week, on February 7, 2017, Thacher’s girls’ varsity basketball team faced a formidable opponent: Grace Brethren. Throughout each quarter, the audience grimaced through point after point as each team racked up to a neck-in-neck tie. In the fourth quarter, as Thacher students clutched each other in a futile attempt for consolation with some hope to quell the rushing chaos of such a riveting experience, Grace Brethren surged ahead with a single three-pointer and less than a minute left in the half. A victory for the opponents seemed imminent until Jordan Cunningham Perry’s ‘17 arrival onto the scene. In a whirlwind of movements and nail-biting dribbles, Perry received the ball with eleven seconds on the clock. A wave of silence spread over the deafening crowd as the ball sailed through the air. Swish. With that one shot, Jordan took the Thacher team into overtime and onto victory. But who is the Jordan behind the basketball celebrity?

Jordan, age 17, was born in Ojai, California. She recalled her “tiny” town with a beaming smile, stating that her “childhood consisted of one main street.” When she was in second grade, the soon-to-be varsity player began her basketball career. Being the only girl, and the tallest, Jordan remembered no one passing to her and being so “chubby [she] just knocked everyone over like a ball.” Jordan revealed that she also plays lacrosse and volleyball, her volleyball career beginning with a friend who wanted to try out after school; Jordan thought that waiting for her would be bored so she joined in: “I made it and she didn’t. That was pretty awkward.”

Beyond her athleticism, Jordan has participated in various clubs, but her greatest contribution has been as a co-editor-in-chief of the Thacher Notes. What she described as a whirlwind of a journey, Jordan’s entrance into the world of journalism began with a small competition she attended with Mr. Sohn followed by an email from Taylor Bacon about writing an article. Jordan remembered writing an article and then suddenly junior year arrived and she became the news editor of the Notes. As co-editor with Edel Galgon ‘17 this year, Jordan runs the Notes with grace and a ferocious mentality, urging her charges to intrigue their audiences and break the barriers of journalism.

In school, Jordan enjoys all of her discussion-based humanities classes, but has also excelled in math and chemistry, specifically mentioning how she “crushed balancing chemical equations.” When prompted, Jordan discussed a specific memory from sophomore year during winter finals that she is fond of. To escape the dread of finals, she and a few friends went on a hike through the pouring rain. Amidst giggles, Jordan was quick to explain that she has such “a terrible sense of balance” that the hike was a true example of man v. nature. Walking down the muddy trail, Jordan slipped. In a desperate attempt to regain her balance, Perry grabbed at shrubbery and plants, slipping further and further down the slope

Jordan Perry is sensational. Her enthusiasm for sports, interest in academics, and grasp of the greater things in life all demonstrate that same sunny Ojai vibrancy. Her obsession with High School Musical and appreciation for quality entertainment in titles like “The Bachelor” and “Scandal” exhibit her humorous and relatable nature. A basketball sensation, an eloquent journalist, and an overall chill being, Jordan has brains, giggles, and gritty athleticism. We have no doubt that she is on her way to becoming a “#legend” on and off the court.


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