Toad Trends: A Brief Account of Fashion

By Daisy Lawrence ’20

Thacher students are not only intelligent and diverse but are also notorious for their wardrobes. When students enter our school, their idea of clothing expands to fit all aspects of the Thacher schedule. Starting in freshman year, students go from pajamas to mucking clothes, day clothes to riding clothes/sports clothes, and then formal attire to comfortable study hall clothes, only to end the day in pajamas again. While this busy sequence of changes has remained the same for the most part, styles worn by Toads over the years have not. Two Thacher seniors (‘17) offer their outlook on fashion at Thacher and a sense of the popular styles during their freshman year:

“We always had bows in our hair,” said Annie Everett ‘17 in an interview. Nowadays many of Thacher’s female students sport Adidas sneakers, but Everett recalled that her freshman year equivalent was white low-top Converse. “And then my sophomore year, my friends and I fell in love with black hightop Converse, I don’t know why, but we would wear them all the time. I didn’t even have a pair of my own, I would just borrow my friend’s. I don’t think I ever wore one outfit that didn’t have one item of clothing from someone else.”


Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 9.02.07 AM
Photo by: @thacher_apparel

Max Damon ‘17 illuminates the male spectrum of fashion at Thacher from his freshman year, describing the biggest trend being the “stereotypical skateboarder” look, which made him want to learn to skateboard since “all the boys in [his] dorm were really into skateboarding.” To accompany this skater way of life, Vans became the popular kicks on campus. For Damon, the one clothing item that everyone else had that he was dying to own were “a pair of nice colored pants,” or the “khaki color… not jeans [with] the little lines down [the side].” Converse, Vans, and khakis. Trends at Thacher have changed ever so slightly over the years.


Unsurprisingly, however, students’ formal attire style has remained seemingly identical. Annie Everett expressed the popular style to wear to formal as “bright colored sundresses in the summer, and then in the winter you’d wear the same dresses and just put a Patagonia jacket or a big jacket on top.” For males, the dress code has recently been altered to allow sweaters at formal instead of a blazer, but the “nice, centrist approach to dress and appearance” as Mr. Mulligan put it, has remained constant. To Max Damon, bow ties were the cool style to wear to formal because “it wasn’t a necktie, it was different. Also, most people don’t know how to tie a bowtie so…”

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 8.59.25 AM
Photo by: @thacher_apparel


Fashion trends at Thacher have not had any drastic changes over the years, most likely due to the dress code. Mr. Mulligan commented on the school’s guidelines stating, “mostly during the workday, horses and going to classes we are looking for neat, comfortable, reasonable dress. And then formal dinners we want to actually bring more refinement to our dress and we try to maintain a little bit of flexibility so that kids have some options.” Even if bows and skater boy kicks haven’t prevailed past the test of time, once in awhile a boy without socks and a girl in a more-casual-than-business-casual look will arrive at formal, students will sport sweatpants and socks with sandals on their way to classes, and riders will strut into breakfast in mucking boots and pants sprinkled with bedding. Some things never change, but as Mr. Mulligan stated, “we don’t want to make it a big deal.”

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