Food Review: Java and Joe’s

Its proximity to the bus stop, delicious treats, and suitable studying space makes Java & Joe a favorite amongst Thacher students. The contents of the area are different and interesting. One wall is lined with exposed glass jars filled with dark coffee beans and loose tea leaves. The opposite is filled with various political mugs, promising water bottles, and flashy beverage-making devices. The entire back corner is dedicated to witty cards and comical memorabilia. One of my personal favorites is a blank white card that reads: “I have never rested assured” in a bold black font.

There are several reasons I’ve made this place a common destination. Perhaps one of the most important is the coffee. It is not over brewed or watered down, which both make for terribly annoying drinks. This coffee seems like it’s found the smooth medium, something I tend to enjoy a lot. Additionally, the prices are just right, I haven’t found that anything is incredibly overcharged.You’ll be interested to know that I ran into Robin the Baker here! If she approves of this place, shouldn’t we all?

The atmosphere is overall cheery and mellow. People flowing in and out greet each other and are polite. A regular sits outside with his cup of coffee, mountain bike, and two beautiful golden dogs, he seems to know the place quite well. Inside, about four tables are set up with more than enough chairs. The shop is usually quiet, there is soft music playing in the background. The calm and happy environment makes it suitable to study, chat, and read. All in all, the good prices, calm atmosphere, and unique products make Java & Joe an obvious preference.

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