A Compilation of the Thacher Faculty’s Most Influential Books

In preparations for a gap year, I wanted to get the Thacher faculty’s input on a massive list of books to read (perhaps aspirationally). So, for a crowdsourcing experiment, I emailed all of the Thacher faculty with the question, ‘What 5-10 books have most influenced your way of thinking or being?’I was looking for a list of great books, not in the canon sense, but in the sense that they had had positive impact on the lives of some of the smartest people I know.
The responses ranged in topics and in length, but all shared something thoughtful about the practice of reading and learning. So with the generosity of thought offered by the responses, I wanted to share their wise lists with the broader community. With my friend Amanda’s help, I folded, stapled, and sewed a set of booklist booklets for physical distribution.
However, sure that many more people would appreciate the wisdom of the Thacher faculty, I’m sharing the list here. I hope all will enjoy.