Widening Horizons: A Student Spotlight with Vincent Langan ’20

During the fall play, You Can’t Take it With You, Vincent Langan ‘20 was waiting in the wings anxiously, thinking, “Am I gonna over do it? Will I forget my one line?” When he finally stepped on stage someway through Act 2, the nerves were gone and the bright lights illuminating his face eased the butterflies. “I said my one line and it was funny, and people laughed. So I was happy.”

Even as a child, Vincent was shyer than he is now. Vincent says, “I was crazy!” Vincent joins the Thacher community from Union, New Jersey. He describes the two communities to be similar in the sense that both are becoming increasingly diverse. He continued, talking about the differences, “The culture here is way different than back home.” He shares that while Union is not necessarily conservative, there are people who hold opposite viewpoints. He describes Thacher to be much more intimate, thus creating a more accepting environment of different issues.

With a background made up of a Kenyan mother and an American-raised Irish father, performing arts were encouraged and celebrated in the Langan household. “I played trumpet and piano growing up. I sang in my school choir. Theater is one of the arts that really, really struck me.” He remains fascinated with forming himself into the character he’s playing in that show, even if they don’t always resonate with his personality traits.

To his Freshman-Fall-self, Vincent says, “Take it easy, also understand that friendships are adaptable and will probably change.” He reflects that he was eager to get involved really quickly, so he piled on whatever he could, as fast as he could. Taking a step back, slowing down and joining several extracurriculars over time would’ve also been a suitable choice. As for friendships, Vincent has learned that while you may be very close with someone at the beginning of the year, the dynamic is bound to change and even if you drift apart, you can still remain good friends.

Vincent credits Thacher with “changing his perception of the world.” He feels like he can take what he is learning and put it into action through political, cultural, or environmental facets. Although we reside in our small bubble in Ojai, Vincent notes that learning about what is going on in the outside world has widened his horizons. “The culture here has impacted me immensely.”

He is looking forward to making more memories, getting closer with his classmates, and experiencing new things in the coming years of his Thacher career.

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