Interview with Faculty Children

This spring, Ms. Gregory’s senior English class conducted a handful of interviews with faculty children. Here are several of the best excerpts from each one.

Tiffany Butler CdeP ’18 and Ainsley Meyer:

Tiff: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Ainsley: A dragon.

Tiff: What type of dragon?

Ainsley: mmm, Silver Phantom.

Tiff: What does it look like?

Ainsley: It’s silver and I’m going to be a female, which has only one horn in the front in the middle of its head.

Tiff: Why do you want to be a dragon?

Ainsley: Because they are my favorite animal! And I was born in the year of the dragon anyway.

Tiff: Oh, What year is that?

Ainsley: Umm, Dad what is the year of the dragon?

Dad: 2012.

Ainsley: 2012.


Cameron Twitchell CdeP ’18 and Hiram Hooper:

Cameron: Hello I’m Cameron. How’s your day been so far?

Hiram: Mm other than getting a haircut pretty good.

Cameron: Was your hair long before?

Hiram: Sort of. Kind of like down to hereish (pointing to his forehead) and they cut it.

Cameron: Was it fun?

Hiram: Not exactly. It’s evil.

Hiram: My brother and sometimes I play with Jack Vyhnal. And, sometimes on Friday, I go play with a bunch of thirty-year-old men.

Cam: Where do you play with 30-year-old men?

Hiram: Um there is this thing called Friday night magic, and it’s where you go, and the place I go to is called Hypno Comics and Games. We play a booster draft. So, I basically make a pack out of random cards and then I play with those cards. All the other people besides Hayden and Jack are basically thirty-year-old men, but it’s really fun. It’s a lot of fun.

Cam: Do you ever beat the thirty-year-old men?

Hiram: Sometimes.

Cam: That must feel good.

Hiram: It really does. Especially when you utterly destroy them.

Cam: Have you ever utterly destroyed them?

Hiram: Mm hmm. Yes.


Edel Galgon CdeP ’18, Daisy Pidduck, and Addie Pidduck

Edel: What’s it like being a twin?

Addie: Well—

Daisy: Annoying.

Addie: More likely to get in fights, we can get really annoyed with each other…

Daisy: We can get really funny with each other and play

Addie: Yeah, and we never get lonely, because we’ve always had somebody to talk to.

Daisy: So, we’re kind of like closet companions.

Edel: How do you think that you’re different from each other?

Daisy: Well, I’m funnier and more interested in playing with people.

Addie: Although, uh, I have to add on. She really likes to play the games where you use your physical body, I like more to play the games where you’re using toys. She likes to play the games more than me, I like to play separately more. So, that’s sort of how we have separate personalities.

Daisy: Well, we like to play together.

Addie: Also, Daisy is quieter. Daisy…

Daisy: I’m not quieter.

Addie: Sorry, when we were babies, Daisy was always the quiet one and I was yelling in her ear, and now I guess I’m sort of the quieter one and Daisy is yelling in my ear.

[Daisy leans over and yells in Addie’s ear]

Daisy: Well, it was our pleasure. We’ve never been interviewed before.


Max Damon CdeP ’18, Poppy Brittingham CdeP ’18, and March Hattori

Max: What’s your name?

March: *begins to hide behind Tommy Hattori*

Max: Are you nervous?

Tommy: *whispers* did you hear Max’s question

March: March.

Max: Do you know what my name is?

March: Max

Max: Where do you go to school?

March: Monica Ros.

Max: Do you like your teachers?

March: Yes!

Max: Who’s your teacher favorite?

March: Ms. Luboff

Poppy: Do you like being four?

March: Yeah. Eeee (jumping into some blankets)!! A bug a bug!!!

Poppy: What bug? (stillness and silence under the blankets).

Ok well do you like being four or do you want to be five?

March: I like being four.

Poppy: When’s your birthday?

March: Halloween!

Poppy: That’s a scary day for a birthday!

March: (jumps off of the bed frame onto the mattress) Cannonball!!! That was scary!

Poppy: That was pretty high…

March: Did you like it? You couldn’t do it.

Poppy: You’re right I’m too big. Are you afraid of heights?

March: No. Well, I’m afraid of really really high heights.

Poppy: What else are you afraid of?

March: Um well, like jumping off of a mountain.

Poppy: A mountain?

March: Yeah. Well… if there was a bed there at the bottom of the volcano I would DEFINITELY jump off of it!

Poppy: You would?

March: Yeah! I jump all the time. I jumped off the bed one time and it was scary and then I jumped another time and it was not scary! Because now I am four and I did it! I just tried it and it was fun!

Cannonball! (jumps of the bed frame again) I’m flying!!! I’m flying!!!


Jasmin Arculli CdeP ’18, Amanda Ibañez CdeP ’18, and Annika Swift:

Jasmin: Who’s your best friend?

Annika: Remy.

Jasmin: What do you like to do with Remy?

Annika: Play lots of games but do you know what the boys do at my class? Chase us, but they can’t get us!

Jasmin: Because you’re so fast?

Annika: With our running shoes. Do you know what my mom used to play when she was young?

Jasmin: What?

Annika: “Boys Chase Girls” where all the girls run and the boys chase them

Amanda: Do you ever play “Girls Chase Boys”? (Annika looks confused) Do you ever chase the boys?AS: Sometimes.

Annika: Sometimes.

Jasmin: Do you ever catch them?

Annika: When we try to chase them, they run but we can’t catch them but we always wear our running shoes. I always wear my running shoes to school.



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