Restaurant Review: Osteria Monte Grappa

Sometimes, you’re just in the mood for something fancier.

Located along the Arcade, Italian restaurant Osteria Monte Grappa is for the days when you feel like stepping up your brunch game just a little bit.  More affordable than its evening counterpart Nocciola up the road, Osteria offers tasty and authentic meals across the spectrum of Italian dishes.

Start off your meal with a bowl of free freshly baked bread. From there, choose from a variety of appetizers ranging from seafood to veggies. (Note from the writer: you can never go wrong with bruschetta!) Or, go straight to the main dish: enjoy some fresh Ojai greens in a salad, or breath in the irresistible aroma of a flatbread pizza, or savor the explosive flavors of a panini, or let a bowl of homemade pasta warm your soul. If you’re a big spender in the mood to treat yourself, go for a seafood dish, or pair your meal with a steaming bowl of hot soup. Even within each category of the entrees, the myriad of different flavors is sure to offer something for every type of preference. Don’t forget to ask for the dessert menu at the end of your meal if you still have room for some cake or pannacotta.

Osteria’s biggest selling point? Its sunlit patio isn’t just a beautiful place to dine in good weather but is also just a short walk from the most popular establishment in Ojai: Revel. Getting your kombucha fix is effortless after lunch at OMG.