Dear Logan


Hey, I’m kinda afraid of some of my teachers and don’t know how to approach them. How should I do that?



Being intimidated by teachers is completely understandable and everyone here has been in your shoes before. However, at Thacher, know that all of your teachers are at this school for a reason. They’re here because they want to live in a tight-knit community and interact with students in a way that is different and more involved than an average day school. So don’t be put off by their towering structures or stern demeanors and go ahead and approach them if you ever need anything! If you want extra help, send them an email or talk to them after class to figure out a good time to meet. More often than not, your teacher will be more than happy to guide you through some hard homework problems and test corrections. I remember a couple of years ago, I spent almost three hours with my math teacher because I was struggling in that class and he was perfectly patient and really nice the entire time! For the one or two instances when they might be busy, they’ll always direct you to another resource. Otherwise, if you see them in the dining hall and just want to chat, take a deep breath, smooth back your hair and start a conversation! They aren’t as scary as they seem, promise!



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