Dear Logan

Dear Logan,

How do you maintain a romantic relationship with people outside of Thacher, especially if you can’t see them over breaks anymore?




While it is difficult maintaining a long distance romantic relationship while you are at Thacher, it is certainly possible! Communication is key. Set aside some time every week to FaceTime or call your significant other, text them about their day and make sure to keep up with each other’s lives. Also, remember the little things: send them a package on their birthday, write them a letter, send them an encouraging message when they’re having a bad day. Perhaps you’ll find that distance does make the heart grow fonder! However, that being said, if you feel like the relationship is dwindling because you never get to see each other, keep in mind that it’s perfectly okay to get some space. Sometimes things might not work out at the moment, but maybe you’ll find that it’s all for the better. Ultimately, do the thing that makes you happy, whether that is maintaining that long distance relationship or taking a break from it. Good luck!



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