Food Review: Ojai Pizza

by: Riley Carney and Daisy Lawrence

Do you have a busy weekend but still are looking to go into town for a quick bite of non-Dining Hall food? Then, Ojai Pizza is the place for you!

Just a mere two-minute walk from the town bus stop, Ojai Pizza’s prime location enables you to go quickly in and out of town, leaving you with enough time to work on that essay due Monday. Not only that, but its location in the center of town serves as the perfect meeting spot for you and your friends. Ojai Pizza is hard to miss — just look for the big red sign!

While Ojai Pizza isn’t necessarily the best restaurant to go to if you are dieting, it does offer a wide variety of comfort foods. Choose from a range of warm appetizers, or just go straight to customizing your own pizza from a list of twenty-seven toppings and three different pizza styles. Unique to Ojai Pizza, its x-small pizza size is the perfect, affordable option if you are eating alone. Or, order a small or medium and take some slices back with you to the dorm for a midnight snack.

Ojai Pizza has a loud and fun atmosphere, with an arcade, music, and sports games playing on their TVs. Looking for something sweet? You can choose anything from ice cream floats to deep dish cookies. You may not know, but Ojai Pizza has a pretty famous dessert. On the menu, it is called the Cinnamon Crumble, but most people know it as the Dessert Pizza. Topped with chocolate and caramel sauce, cinnamon, brown sugar, and powdered sugar, this pizza is the perfect end to your savory dinner — or, just order it on its own!

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