TBH User Reminisces Over the ‘Good ‘Ol Days’

The Knoll — In an exclusive interview with the Avocado, a current TBH user took a moment to recall the heyday of the social media app that took the Thacher community by storm. “I remember those times,” he said, referring to only a week prior when TBH was a fixture throughout the campus. “Things were simpler during the good ol’ days. That’s when it was acceptable to stare at my phone during the early morning hours when only I and other users are awake, waiting for total strangers to boost my ego.”

TBH —an anonymous platform in which users exchange prefabricated compliments— has left a resounding mark within the school’s dormitories. “This is not just some phase,” a sophomore girl remarked when the app’s usage began to wane after two days. “I could really see myself using this as an adult tool, you know?”

The app, whose framework exploits teenagers’ inherent narcissism, offered students the fleeting opportunity to inhabit the mind of a megalomaniacal braggart. A Junior boy encapsulated this enticing quality, noting, “I loved receiving outside validation through hollow gestures of flattery sent by people I probably never interact with.” Explaining how at least random five people felt he was ‘the dankest person’, the junior added, “It’s truly a social experience.”

While TBH usage soared within the first day, it quickly diminished thereafter. Now, TBH’s popularity remains limited to small student enclaves. One such user, a senior hoping to revive the app’s popularity, explained, “My life without TBH would not be lit.” Her assertion was a point of tension, however, given the school handbook’s policy against cell phones. With such devices banned on campus, TBH users find themselves straying the fine line between school rules and their own self-absorption. When asked how he reconciles this fact, the senior lamented, “Tbh, if I can’t use the app, I might actually have to engage with reality. That, my friend, would be a modern-day tragedy.”

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