Food Review: The Nest

In the mood for something new? Check out The Nest on Ojai Avenue for a fresh twist on healthy foods!

Grab a menu from the wicker basket and look through a variety of appetizers, salads, entrees, and interesting drinks. Perhaps you only have twenty minutes? Order one of their appetizers, which range from comfort foods like mac ‘n cheese to something more healthy like their delicious roasted Marcona almonds. Or, perhaps you have time to sit down? Place your order at the window and pay, then go choose your table from a variety of spots on the patio or inside. Possibly one of the best parts of The Nest is the quick service! Before you know it, your meal and drink are brought to your table and you can finally devour that Nest pizza or cauliflower taco you’ve been waiting for.

The Nest offers a multitude of health-conscious foods that come in hearty quantities with a reasonable price. Their menu offers a wide variety of interesting flavor combinations that will surprise you and also satisfy you, though you don’t have to risk paying more for these delicious dishes. And, because of their average-to-large food portions, you are bound to want to take your meal back to school for leftovers!

You absolutely cannot leave The Nest without tasting one of their distinctive desserts! Try one of their shaved ices that range from flavors like raspberry lemonade to sage and blackberry. Or, perhaps you have a sweet tooth? Then, definitely go for their warm brownie with mocha whip cream. Whatever dish you may choose, The Nest’s fresh flavors will leave you feeling full, healthy, and satisfied.

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