Moving Over Stone: A Student Spotlight with Abby Romo ‘19

It’s hard not to catch a glimpse of junior Abby Romo’s beaming smile around campus. Her passions have allowed her to become an integral student in the Thacher community, whether that be as a co-founder of Thacher’s multiracial affinity group, a Head Waiter, or as a math and Writing Center tutor.

Abby and her older sister Alyssa grew up among the idyllic rowhouses of San Francisco’s Pacific Heights. Having a Sacramento-raised Mexican-American father and a German and Chinese mother, Abby considers herself “used to diversity.” She also attributes this to the rich cultures and people she was fortunate enough to grow up around. The Romo family pets stand out to Abby when reflecting on her childhood, especially the scenic walks in city parks she often took with her family’s two poodles, Gracie and Melanie. “Melanie’s still my favorite,” she confesses.  

After spending many years at the Hamlin School, an all-girls prep school in San Francisco, Abby heard about Thacher through her sister’s best friend, Shalan Billault Lee ‘18, who was applying at the time. “I didn’t like any SF prep schools,” she admits with a shrug. Abby saw Thacher as an opportunity for an alternative experience to the San Francisco high schools that so many of her peers eventually attended.

Her “sacrifice” to come to Thacher has been met with minimal regrets. Here, Abby has discovered a love for the outdoors and considers herself lucky to explore this love through Thacher’s biannual EDTs into the California wilderness and rock-climbing program (in her first season as a climber she recently passed the Thacher C-climber test). All these activities have helped her become the “funny, courageous, and compassionate” person she is today.        

Likewise, Abby has become an active member of three affinity groups on campus – Latinos Unidos, TASS (Thacher Asian Student Society), and Thacher’s newest group for multiracial students (“The name is still pending,” Abby, the group’s co-founder, adds). Her presence in these three affinity groups has helped her connect with plenty of students on campus.

It’s no question that Abby Romo is highly respected by her peers, and her impact on this community reaches far and wide.    

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