Food Reviews: Exotic Thai

Exotic Thai is a popular spot for Thacher students any day of the week. Whether having it delivered to our dorm rooms via the Ojai Food Taxi on informal dinner nights, or lounging in its outdoor eating space on a sunny Sunday, we all enjoy Ojai’s local eye into the delicious and diverse cuisine of Thailand.

Recently, a few friends and I decided to venture down Ojai Avenue to give Exotic Thai the official Notes stamp of excellence. We arrived a few minutes before opening and enjoyed sitting in the early afternoon shade at the small tables stretching across the storefront. We ordered Pad Thai noodles, perhaps the establishment’s most popular dish, barbecue pork fried rice, and Thai spicy chicken with rice.

Barely fifteen minutes had passed when the wave of hot peppers, sweet noodles, and steaming rice wafted to our table. Immediately, we all dug into every plate, our forks reaching across the table as all conversation ceased. The Pad Thai noodles, perfectly laced with a savory sauce, shrimp, and steamed vegetables, were a table favorite. But the barbecue pork fried rice went rather quickly too, and I found myself constantly reaching my fork across the table to grab more of the irresistibly spicy chicken and rice.

The verdict at the end of the day was that there is not much one can’t enjoy at Exotic Thai. Exotic Thai always delivers consistent and reliable dishes that any palate can enjoy, and affordability and quality abound in virtually any dish there. Most would agree that one of its only negative points lies in its location. But with great stores nearby, such as the Second Helpings thrift shop and a Westridge Market location, we can attest to the longer walk being well worth it.

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