Students Begin Initiative to Plant Dorm Gardens

By Ian Zhang ’20

In spite of The Thacher School’s incredible focus on sustainability and farm-to-table produce, the Environmental Action Committee has taken it upon themselves to go one step further. With a new and innovative Green-Cup Challenge introducing Dorm Gardens, Thacher students have taken the initiative to plant and care for their own produce.

Although sponsored by the EAC, the care of the garden is local. Every dorm has two Garden Representatives each, and while primarily responsible for taking care of the garden and the plants, several other dorm residents helped with the growth of the garden. One of the first events was participation in creating the garden and establishing healthy plants and seedlings. With high turnouts of almost 88% of dorms engaging in planting or clearing an area for the plants, many are onboard with this concept and welcome the new addition to the dorm’s structure.

However, while every dorm has a garden, no two gardens are alike. While some gardens such as those in Lower School have their plants growing in planting boxes, others such as the one in Middle School have plants growing in patches of fertile soil scattered around the dorm. In fact, for those without clear-cut areas, planting space was somewhat limited as a whole and required some creativity. One of the Garden Representatives of LP, Vincent Langan ‘20, remarks that “the most difficult part of this all was finding where to plant our seeds.”

Nonetheless, all of the gardens are flourishing. Students take turns in watering and monitoring the plants, ensuring their survival. It will be exciting to see what this newest and most hands-on Green-Cup Challenge will bring and if the fruit of everyone’s labor will pay off.

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