Evan Glenn ’19- Humans of Thacher

As second of three brothers, Evan Glenn ‘19 always felt like the odd one out. Instead of pursuing art, poetry or history, Evan always knew he wanted to reach for the stars and become an astronaut. Growing up in the quiet Boston suburb of Westwood, MA, Evan describes a rather peaceful childhood in a town of “only about 14,000 people.” For most of his upbringing, he attended a private school about a forty-minute drive away from home where he learnt to interact with people from a different walk of life than he had grown accustomed to in Westwood.

Arriving at Thacher marked a large leap in Evan’s life and has proven to give him space and resources to further develop his interest in flying. During the summer after his sophomore year, Evan received his Pilot’s License and felt he had the adequate freedom and was finally old enough to “take initiative” and move his dreams forward.

Beginning in his junior year, Evan serves as the head of Thacher Flight Club- perhaps more appropriately called the Thacher Rocketry Club- a team of six students competing in a National rocket launching competition. Interestingly, he describes the competition as caring about “more than how high you can go,” as it pushes participants to think critically and adapt the rockets to perform in a certain manner.  

When asked about the Thacher community, Evan was quick to share that he feels he has strong connections with a lot of people due to the small community atmosphere and proximity. He still has not realized the fact that, after this year, he will be living and studying elsewhere. With this being said, it is clear that Evan has his eyes on the prize. Planning on entering the military after college, he noted that he could either fuel his astronaut aspirations through experiences and opportunities or spend years getting countless degrees to stack his resume. He was also quick to add that the latter didn’t interest him at all.

Reflecting on his first year at Thacher, Evan would tell his younger self that, “not everything is a make or break moment.” He recalls being bound in a cycle of self-importance and now realizes the power in picking out what’s truly important and what won’t matter in the long run. Although he considers himself lucky for already knowing what he wants to do, he wants students to know that “if you have an idea of what you want to do, don’t doubt yourself, don’t be afraid to be ambitious.” Through his energetic presence on campus and unwavering dedication to his academics, friends and passions, Evan Glenn is a kind and welcoming member in our community.

Lastly, when asked for a few words of advice for other students, Evan Glenn shared, “Don’t feel like you have to take the safe option, you’re young, you have time, and if you are at this school, it means you have the potential.”

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