Pollos Locos

The well-anticipated arrival for the chickens is back!  

With a fresh new squad of the Pollos Locos, the chickens this year are here to storm the playing field. With hot team lineup of 24 small chickens, these birds assure terror alongside prosperity with their rule, pledging for a new era of no fowl play. Reserving their energy for high-intensity training programmes, the chickens plan to stay inside their coop for the first few weeks, staying away from anything that might hurt them. Sending an advanced arrival notice to the poultry-slavers, the chickens commanded several of them to spend a hot, grueling, back-breaking half an hour of labour in the sun in preparation for their arrival. The coop is now a home to a fresh blanket of bedding, high-grade titanium water tips, and a brand new shovel for excretion management. What’s more, the once musty rotting hay has been replaced — fresh mahogany wood shavings now line the interior of the coop!

Although not hatching any eggs for now, their numbers already stand twice as strong as their incapacitated elders. Marked by the Potential Estimator™ scale, this new generation of chickens have nearly broken the depth as well as breadth on their scale. Despite their easy dominance, these chickens are not comprised of pure hatred. They claim that if their coop is well protected, their eggs swiftly managed, and their turf defended, they will take whomever under their wing. With only one future pig against 24 soon-to-be fighters to settle their turf with, the chickens are surely looking to be the champions of the land; yet their benevolence — only time will tell.

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