Thacher Faculty Pet Spotlights

cheerio asleep on his blanketName: Cheerio

Age: Appx 10

Breed: Lovable unknown breed

Favorite toy/activity: Chasing string/rope

How did you get your pet: He wandered onto campus and found us.

Funny story: I don’t have a funny story but I can share one of Cheerio’s quirky traits 🙂 He has many quirky traits, but one is that he follows me around like a dog would do. I’ve never seen a cat do that before!




CocoaName: Cocoa

Age: 18 years

Breed: Cat- mostly Siamese

Favorite activity: Sleeping and talking

How did you get your pet: She and her sister came from a cat hospital in Ventura

Fun fact: Known as the immortal cat



ObiName:  Obi-Wan Kenobi Kent

Age: 1 year 5 months to the day – His birthday is April 27

Breed: English Golden Retriever – also known as a Honey Back

Favorite toy:  Any tug-o-war toy

How did you get your pet: Obi is actually my daughter, Hannah’s, pup. She worked on me for 2 years to get a dog after we lost our sweet golden lab – Willoughby. I was like, “No.” But then I met Dr. Barell’s little pup who may be a cousin to Obi-Wan. Tisher was so calm that I thought, “Okay!” Today when they play together they look like twins.

Funny story:We have lots of funny stories. I have two favorites. First for Obi’s 1st Birthday we had a donut party in the College Office with the seniors. Ms. Manfredi bought a box of dog milk bone dog biscuits. By 3pm, Obi was in a total food coma. I have attached a picture of that. It was so funny – he was totally out. My second one is super sweet. Obi is literally in love with Libby Galgon. So when she comes to the office he is soooo happy. But if she is in a meeting behind closed doors, Obi whimpers outside.

Obi food coma

Additional information:  Despite my hesitation about getting Obi, when the fire came to Thacher last year, he was amazing. He was constantly at my side and calmly, patiently sitting in the car for hours as we evacuated. In fact, after that no matter where we go – if he is outside, he will always sit by my car’s back tire waiting for me. It is very sweet. And truth be known, he LOVES all Thacher kids. A little pet or nussle is like electricity for Obi-Wan.  He lives for your love.

I asked my daughter and she picked this picture (above) of his face at the foot of the bed. He does this every morning. Just puts his head there knowing that it will soon be time for me/her to get up. He doesn’t bark or whine. Just puts his head on the bed and wags his tail.




Name: Maple Henderson-Thomas

Age: 4

Breed: Calico (mixed breed)

Favorite activities: Sleeping, purring, interrupting human sleep

How did you get your pet: We adopted her from a no-kill shelter in Connecticut.

Fun fact: When she purrs and kneads, she likes to have a blanket in her mouth.

Additional information: When Maple was a kitten, she wasn’t very friendly to people; however, she had an accident that changed everything. When she was about 10 months old, she came home limping. It turns out that she had been bitten by a squirrel on the paw. The bone had chipped, and the wound had become infected. She was hospitalized for a few days and then was housebound. I think she realized that we were actually a nice family to live with, and since then she has been very loving.



tucker.jpgName: Tucker Leon-Schuhl

Age: 13

Breed: Boxer, pitbull mix

Favorite toy/activity: He has a toy stuffed bottle of vodka that he loves – Mr. Schuhl’s brother gave it to him. He also has a teddy bear that he sleeps with. As for his favorite activity, he loves running around in the snow and then cuddling up in front of the fireplace.

How did you get your pet: We adopted Tucker about 7 years ago from a friend who couldn’t keep him.

Funny story: A few years ago in Los Angeles, Tucker got out of our yard, jumped off a 7 foot tall retaining wall, and then walked 3 miles, which included crossing some major intersections, to our friend’s house. When he got there, he barked at their front door until they heard him and let him in. Mr. Schuhl and I were at work when it all happened!

Additional information: Aside from braving the streets of LA, he’s gone through thyroid and skin cancer surgeries.




JosieName: Josie

Age: 4

Breed: Bichon Frise

Favorite activities: She has a pile of stuffies that used to belong to Chrissy and Annika by her bed and she occasionally runs around the house with one in her mouth.

How did you get your pet: We wanted a Bichon as a friend of ours had one that had a lot of personality and was really funny.  

Funny story: When Josie gets a bath, she gets the zoomies meaning she runs around the house a warp speed barking, growling, and digging into the couch and chairs to try and dry herself off. She loves to sneak out and go to Los Padres in search of food.

Additional information: Don’t try to take food from her mouth as she may bite! Josie loves to cuddle and sleep under the covers, but she doesn’t like to be picked up.

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