Privilege at Thacher: Part IV

Lessons As Thacher students agree that responsibility comes with privilege, many were excited to discuss what they should do to help the underprivileged. Many agreed they should not pity. One survey respondent declared that pity “is not equal and fair,” and Dr. Pharr, a principal who has worked at many of the poorest Title I … Continue reading Privilege at Thacher: Part IV

Privilege at Thacher: Part III

What is privilege at Thacher? Do Thacher students truly comprehend privilege? The faculty members seem to think they do somewhat. In response to “Thacher students understand what it means to be privileged,” every single one of the faculty’s responses fell from 2 to 4 (on the 5 point scale), with a mean of exactly 3. The … Continue reading Privilege at Thacher: Part III

Privilege at Thacher: Part I

  What is privilege?   Thacher students defined privilege as “having abundant opportunities that few have easy access to,” “when one person has more opportunities than another,” and “the ability to seek opportunities otherwise denied to the less fortunate.” The community’s consensus was clear: privilege is opportunity. This opportunity manifests itself in several ways. One … Continue reading Privilege at Thacher: Part I