Dining Hall Nutrition Facts?

Many school and corporate cafeterias have begun to offer nutritional information to customers.  According to proponents, sharing nutritional information aids in making informed choices and creates greater awareness of the importance of a balanced diet, while also encouraging a more health-conscious outlook and helping to establish lifelong healthy habits.  Should Thacher’s dining hall follow suit … Continue reading Dining Hall Nutrition Facts?

“I chose a career where I learn every day.”

Jael Hernández-Vasquez, our new Latin and Spanish teacher, brings a unique perspective to campus. Mr. Hernández-Vasquez grew up in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to New York City at the age of 11.  Passionate about education, languages, and social equality, a few of his reflections and experiences follow. What was it like immigrating to New … Continue reading “I chose a career where I learn every day.”