Condor League’s Last Flight

Following the 2014 Spring Sports Season, Thacher athletics will leave the Condor League for bigger and better things. Although Thacher sports teams will succeed in any forum, their departure from the Condor League is bittersweet. Their move to the Tri-County Athletic Association, where they will join the Frontier League, is extremely beneficial. The league competes … Continue reading Condor League’s Last Flight

Sensible Gun Laws

Ever since the slew of school shootings in the American neighborhood, American awareness of gun control issues have skyrocketed. On either side there are compelling arguments: Pro-Control advocates articulate that by removing the tools of the trade from possible criminals, we've eliminated some of the most dangerous ways to kill someone. Pro-Rights advocates refute that … Continue reading Sensible Gun Laws

Life in the Courts with the Sophomore Girls

This year, the beloved Casa has been under construction, forcing the sophomore girls to live in the Courts, where a few faculty members have previously lived. For most of these girls, the initial reaction was excitement and enthusiasm. They will miss this home dearly next year as they have grown to love it immensely. The … Continue reading Life in the Courts with the Sophomore Girls