Thacher Faculty Pet Spotlights

Name: Cheerio Age: Appx 10 Breed: Lovable unknown breed Favorite toy/activity: Chasing string/rope How did you get your pet: He wandered onto campus and found us. Funny story: I don't have a funny story but I can share one of Cheerio's quirky traits 🙂 He has many quirky traits, but one is that he follows … Continue reading Thacher Faculty Pet Spotlights

Nevin Bernet: Thacher’s Own Up-and-Coming Youth Filmmaker

On December 14, Nevin Bernet '16 won the Ojai Youth Film Society grand prize for his film Getting There. The film, shot over Thanksgiving break, is about a son with an abusive relationship with his father. This was an interesting thematic choice considering the father-son duo of filmmakers. In a recent interview, Bernet revealed the inspiration … Continue reading Nevin Bernet: Thacher’s Own Up-and-Coming Youth Filmmaker

Prisoners Review

Prisoners: a Straightforward Thriller Elevated by Incredible Cinematography and Great Performances Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Paul Dano carry and elevate a film that would be otherwise middling. It’s a clichĂ©d concept executed remarkably well. The dreariness and reality of the situation and the central themes in correlation make the simple premise something more. The … Continue reading Prisoners Review

Album Review: Let’s be Still by The Head and The Heart

“You can get lost in the music for hours, honey.” And you can, if you happen to be listening to the second album released by Seattle indie-folk band The Head and the Heart. The first single, "Shake" was released in October.  The band performed the song on The Late Show with David Letterman, with Letterman making … Continue reading Album Review: Let’s be Still by The Head and The Heart

Album Review: PRISM by Katy Perry

Written by Katy Perry and many others over the last year in Stockholm and Santa Barbara, the singer’s third album is definitely less bubblegum pop than 2010's Teenage Dream, but not entirely a return to her "above the status-quo" ballads on One of the Boys, her first album released in 2008. Perry has not been withholding … Continue reading Album Review: PRISM by Katy Perry