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“You can get lost in the music for hours, honey.”

And you can, if you happen to be listening to the second album released by Seattle indie-folk band The Head and the Heart.

The first single, “Shake” was released in October.  The band performed the song on The Late Show with David Letterman, with Letterman making jokes about joining the band on tour.

The 6-part group: Josiah Johnson(vocals, guitar, percussion), Jonathan Russell(vocals, guitar, percussion), Charity Rose Thielen (violin, vocals), Chris Zasche (bass), Kenny Hensley (piano), and Tyler Williams (drums) released their self-titled album in 2009.

The band received a cult following, going from selling self-burned CD’s in denim sleeves to signing a contract with Sub Pop in 2010. They spent the next two years touring the US and Europe, opening for Vampire Weekend, Iron and Wine, and Death Cab for Cutie, among others.

If you haven’t heard the first album, go listen to “Rivers and Roads” and “Lost in My Mind” right now. (You’ve probably already heard them, “Rivers and Roads” was used in season 7 of How I Met Your Mother and “Lost in my Mind” was used in the trailer for Silver Linings Playbook.)

The band’s folkesque style continues in Let’s Be Still with the melodic vocals, captivating violin and guitar parts in “10,000 Weight in Gold” and “Cruel”.

Yes, it may be “sad hipster music”, but it’s really good sad hipster music. So snuggle up in your thrift store sweater, brew a cup of organic Rooibos tea, and play Let’s Be Still out of your speaker system.

Standout Songs: Let’s Be Still, Homecoming Heroes, Fire/Fear, Gone, 10,000 Weight in Gold, Cruel.

For Fans of: Gregory Alan Isakov, Passenger, Mumford and Sons, Ben Howard, City and Colour

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Written by Katy Perry and many others over the last year in Stockholm and Santa Barbara, the singer’s third album is definitely less bubblegum pop than 2010’s Teenage Dream, but not entirely a return to her “above the status-quo” ballads on One of the Boys, her first album released in 2008.

Perry has not been withholding her inspiration for PRISM; her divorce from Russell Brand is the subject of “By the Grace of God”, and her new relationship with John Mayer is rumored to have inspired many songs on the album.

Don’t worry, though, the album still provides some of the girl-power anthems Katy Perry is famous for: the #1 single “Roar” and “International Smile”.

The one collaboration on the album, “Dark Horse” with Juicy J, has an interestingly “Trappy” beat and a rap portion, something different from the rest of the album.

All in all, if you are needing a new workout jam or song to slave through calculus with, PRISM might be for you.

Standout Songs: Roar, Dark Horse, Birthday, Spiritual, By The Grace of God, Unconditionally

For Fans of: Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding

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