Thacher Masquers Take the Laramie Project

Thacher’s 2018 fall play, The Laramie Project, was the devastating retelling of Matthew Shepard’s killing in 1998 in Laramie, Wyoming. Written by Moisés Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theatre Project, the play is comprised of interviews with residents of Laramie that focus on their views regarding the attack on Matthew Shepard, a gay student … Continue reading Thacher Masquers Take the Laramie Project

Elephant’s Graveyard

On January 23, Mr. J.P. Manoux’s Advanced Acting class debuted their theatrical talents with the haunting tale of a traveling circus entitled Elephant's Graveyard. The cast began to work on the play just after returning to school from Thanksgiving break. The play, originally written in 2008 by George Brant, focuses on the story of a … Continue reading Elephant’s Graveyard

Thacher brings the Steam Heat to China

On October 15th, 2013, Ms. Vickery and Mr. Haggard took five Thacher dancers to Chongqing, China, to perform in front of ten thousand people. I caught up with three of the dancers - Grace Bingham ‘15, Wesley Liang ‘15, and Hayley Kong ‘15 - to get their view on the trip. Arianna Finger: What were … Continue reading Thacher brings the Steam Heat to China

Mister ManWho?

His twitter bio reads, “Robot Mime. Surgeon. Caveman. Peruvian Emperor. Green Grapes. American Ex-Pat. Canadian Immigrant. Self-Verified.” His license plate reads, “IMDB Me.” He spent one year at school with the moniker "Man Lux" after the Ojai newspaper misnamed him in a photo caption of a Thacher soccer game. Who is he? J.P. Manoux. Mr. … Continue reading Mister ManWho?

Drama Department Debuts Thacher Alum’s Our Town

This fall, the Thacher school showcased their theatrical talent through the production of the renowned play Our Town, written by Thacher (kind of) alum Thornton Wilder. Directed by Mr. Jake Jacobsen, head of the English Department, the play ran for four nights in a row, improving with each performance. The cast began rehearsals in mid-September, … Continue reading Drama Department Debuts Thacher Alum’s Our Town

Dance Ensemble Travels to China

It’s 5:05 on a Tuesday. Groups of girls leave the dance studio in leotards and spandex, ready to beat the crowd to the showers and get dressed for formal dinner. But not all. Four huddle around the fruit stand, chowing down on apples and pears. Another joins them, already tired and hungry from her tennis … Continue reading Dance Ensemble Travels to China