Arts Weekend Surprises Many

The 2013 Arts Weekend: The Power of Story, ran from Thursday November 14  to Sunday November 17. It all began with Malika Ndlovu’s performance of Turning and Re-Turning at the outdoor theatre. Lexie Kirkwood ‘14 said the performance was, “an awesome piece that synthesized demonstrations of cultural practice and her own poetry.” Other students also … Continue reading Arts Weekend Surprises Many

The True Story of Mr. Duykaerts

The stern voice of the heavily accented, heavily bearded-Belgian rings out across the Gymkhana Field. “Pepper!” Heads turn in the direction of the shout, only to see a smaller-than-average dog jumping twice its body length trying to bite at the swishing tails of trotting horses. “Stop that!” He calls out at her again, but the … Continue reading The True Story of Mr. Duykaerts

Thacher brings the Steam Heat to China

On October 15th, 2013, Ms. Vickery and Mr. Haggard took five Thacher dancers to Chongqing, China, to perform in front of ten thousand people. I caught up with three of the dancers - Grace Bingham ‘15, Wesley Liang ‘15, and Hayley Kong ‘15 - to get their view on the trip. Arianna Finger: What were … Continue reading Thacher brings the Steam Heat to China

Mister ManWho?

His twitter bio reads, “Robot Mime. Surgeon. Caveman. Peruvian Emperor. Green Grapes. American Ex-Pat. Canadian Immigrant. Self-Verified.” His license plate reads, “IMDB Me.” He spent one year at school with the moniker "Man Lux" after the Ojai newspaper misnamed him in a photo caption of a Thacher soccer game. Who is he? J.P. Manoux. Mr. … Continue reading Mister ManWho?

Album Review: Let’s be Still by The Head and The Heart

“You can get lost in the music for hours, honey.” And you can, if you happen to be listening to the second album released by Seattle indie-folk band The Head and the Heart. The first single, "Shake" was released in October.  The band performed the song on The Late Show with David Letterman, with Letterman making … Continue reading Album Review: Let’s be Still by The Head and The Heart