Thacher Masquers Take the Laramie Project

Thacher’s 2018 fall play, The Laramie Project, was the devastating retelling of Matthew Shepard’s killing in 1998 in Laramie, Wyoming. Written by Moisés Kaufman and members of the Tectonic Theatre Project, the play is comprised of interviews with residents of Laramie that focus on their views regarding the attack on Matthew Shepard, a gay student … Continue reading Thacher Masquers Take the Laramie Project

A Gender Neutral Dress Code

By Malena Solin '20   Upon receiving Thacher’s 2018-2019 Student/Parent Handbook, many community members were surprised to see significant differences in the “Appearance and Dress” section. The handbook notes that the School will not “reinforce or increase marginalization or oppression” of either gender identity or gender expression, revising the dress code to be gender neutral … Continue reading A Gender Neutral Dress Code

Pidduck Special: An Interview with our New Head’s Family

Armed with questions and anxious to interview the new Head’s family for the first time, I ventured over to Mr. and Mrs. Pidduck’s residence as the sun set after formal and the “pink moment” descended. Immediately upon entering the house and settling down in the living room with the Pidducks, I felt at ease. The … Continue reading Pidduck Special: An Interview with our New Head’s Family

Comm Serve, Center Stage: Poco Farms

By Karina Andersen '21 Carved out amongst the cozy bungalows of the humdrum community of Mira Monte lies a patch of farmland, shared by orchards of juicy oranges and savory avocados, succulent vegetables and a medley of barn animals from pigs to goats to chickens. The vibrant Ojai sun warms our hair as our feet … Continue reading Comm Serve, Center Stage: Poco Farms

The Thacher Bubble

By Jackie Thacher '20 At Thacher, a close-knit community is integral to the overall school experience. While finding a place you feel safe is important for students, becoming too comfortable stifles the educational dialogue provided at an institute like Thacher. This stifling takes away the ability to engage with different viewpoints, to discuss challenging topics … Continue reading The Thacher Bubble

Evan Glenn ’19- Humans of Thacher

As second of three brothers, Evan Glenn ‘19 always felt like the odd one out. Instead of pursuing art, poetry or history, Evan always knew he wanted to reach for the stars and become an astronaut. Growing up in the quiet Boston suburb of Westwood, MA, Evan describes a rather peaceful childhood in a town … Continue reading Evan Glenn ’19- Humans of Thacher